Reclaiming + Nurturing
Our Body, Health, Cycles, Wisdom + Power

Reclaiming Body Image - Body Wisdom Series
July 2019 + September 2019

Reclaim your body. Join other women of all  shapes, sizes, and ages to unpack the struggles and realities of living in a female body in this media culture. Reclaim your body — as well as your time, energy, power, and money — without having to change a thing.

Reclaiming Natural Health - Foundations of Herbalism
Summer 2019

Empower your natural healing powers with the help of herbal medicine. Learn to support your health and vitality by bringing plant allies into your daily life. Ancient herbal wisdoms made simple and accessible.

Reclaiming Nourishment - Vitality Reboot
August 2019

Find your energy, joy, and center with a vitality reboot. Nourish yourself deeply with real foods, herbal regiments, and restoration. A 21-day online program that will leave you feeling vital, energized, and refreshed.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.


What the world needs now more than anything are women who have come alive. Women who are comfortable in their bodies, their power, their cycles, and their imperfect humanness. We need women who are willing to nourish themselves deeply and follow their wisdom, passions, and deepest driving desires. What the world needs is YOU - a healthy, whole, and vibrant you.

Reclaiming Our Health

A woman can come alive in any state of health, but it is easier when we are feeling vital and well. Waking women are learning to honor our bodies, and the earth, by treating both well. We nourish ourselves with real foods, herbal tonics, joyful movement, and healing rest, and we stop denying ourselves the deep nourishment we need.


Our Bodies

You are beautiful…just as you are…right NOW. Waking women are learning to connect to their bodies and the inherent wisdom they contain. This means learning how the media culture has affected the way we love, hate, deny, and hide our shapes, sizes, parts, age, and sexuality. Waking women understand we are okay as we are — getting botox or binging on Oreos. We are learning we no longer need to change anything externally to be fully, vibrantly,
exquisitely ourselves.


Rewilding Our Nature

Waking women are connected to the inherent rhythms and cycles of nature. We know that our wildness is tied to the moon, the seasons, and the whole of the earth. We are learning that theses cycles — from month to month and from age to age — have power for vision and transformation. And we are learning that when we honor our cycles, wisdom, desires, emotions, and passions (instead of medicating them) we hold the keys for a new future.


Waking Women

As women, it is a radical act to reclaim our bodies, health, wisdom, power, and energy. To do this in cooperation with others — both men and women — instead of in isolation, is the healing we as a culture need for ourselves, our children, and our shared earth. We are all waking up…together. Come be a part.


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