Sexy as fuck at any size.

Trying to meet some standard of beauty robs women from our own creative force, from our own power.

Recently, Kim Anami, who encourages women to be her vibrant, creative self in the world by connecting to the power in her yoni, shared a podcast.  In it, she told the story of a  client who got in touch with the creative power of her womb. She, “did the practices, lost weight, and started to thrive.” 

The “lost weight” part really bothered me.  It made it sound, that in order to be sexy and powerful and creative, in order to thrive, we have to be thin.  And to me that it incredibly ANTI-sexy, ANTI-powerful.

We see this message everywhere. Just look at the cover of women on money or business magazines. They are, for the most part, incredibly thin too. Or any magazine for that matter. If they are sexy, they are usually thin. As if the two go hand-in-hand.

If the women in the magazines, images that are constructed and not real, are the only ones that are allowed to feel sexy and powerful where does that leave the rest of us?

How many women won’t allow themselves the pleasure of physical touch because they are ashamed of their body?  How many women stay disconnected from the power of their creative force because they have to go through their bodies to get it, and they find their bodies too distasteful?

Under this pretense, women of every shape and size will disconnect from their creative life force.  If they are too “fat” they are ashamed.  If they are “thin” often they can’t see it or feel it because it is never enough.  Not thin enough, not big breasted enough, not shapely enough, not strong enough, not sexy enough. If we have to “lose weight” i.e. be thin to connect to our sexuality and the power of that energy, then most women will not find it

 In actuality, one does not preclude the other.  You can be absolutely any shape, size, weight or tone, and be sexy as fuck. 

Let’s be clear here.  I’m not talking about being a sexy, as in a sexual OBJECT, as in feeling sexy FOR someone else.  I’m talking about the subjective emotion of FEELING sexy.  It is an emotion, similar to sadness, joy, and anger.  As a feeling sense that is generated from within, though often stimulated by external events, it has a tremendous POWER.

We can use that power in many different ways.  Sex may be one of them.  But we can also use it to create art, poetry, projects, and programs. It is a force that wants to move.  A force that wants to create.

 And if a woman denies that power because she doesn’t believe her body has the ability to hold it, well then we all suffer.

If we are told you can only feel that emotion if you are a certain size, you can only embrace that power if you have “lost weight” and are thin, then we will dampen it. And when we dampen one emotion, it dampens our ability to feel the others. You can only feel as much joy as you can sadness, anger as you can joy, and joy as you can sexy. When you dampen one, you dampen them all, and as a result your power.

If the culture, and amazing women like Kim Anami, subtly imply that a woman can only feel sexy in a certain body type -- fit, trim and thin – well, then our world will be poorer for it.  Because all of those amazing, brilliant, creative woman who feel their body needs to be different may put that energy into sculpting their bodies into some unrealistic standard of beauty rather than using it to create a more brilliant world.

So if you want to get in touch with the power of your pussy, let yourself do it at ANY size. You don’t have to lose weight, get fit, or tone up to do it. It’s there no matter what.

 Loving your body just as it is one of the most radical acts we can do for ourselves and potentially for this planet.  So today, I encourage you to chant this mantra: “I am sexy as fuck…in this body…as it is today!”

No go forth and thrive.

jackie dobrinska