Body Image, Body Wisdom Series

Change the way you see, not the way you look!

What if you loved your body as it is? How would it change the way you dress, eat, exercise? How might your emotional world change? Your relationships? What would you do with your energy, focus, and time instead?

Here, we learn to love ourselves as we are - in all shapes, sizes, and ages. We are not asking you to be different, that’s the whole problem to begin with. So you can keep cleansing, dieting, binging, obsessing, exercising, getting plastic surgery, growing your pit hair, growing older, or any strategy that helps you live in this crazy world.

What we WILL do is unpack why we do these things and the underlying issues that leave us feeling ashamed and upset about our bodies, no matter what they look like. In the process, we reclaim a positive body image - a realistic perception of our bodies, AND the ability enjoy them just as they are. We reclaim self-esteem, power, time, and agency.

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Outline of Five Week Series

  • Week 1 ~ THE INTERNALIZED CORSET: Media & The “Fish Bowl” we swim in.

  • Week 2 ~ RECLAIMING SHAPES, SIZES & PARTS: Lineage & Trends.

  • Week 3 ~ RECLAIMING FOOD: Restricting, binging, cleansing, nourishment, guilt, pleasure.

  • Week 4 ~ RECLAIMING CYCLES: hormones, changes, overwhelm, irritability, rebellion, ovaries, uteruses, shame, metamorphosis, shamanic journeys, blood, responsibility.

  • Week 5 ~ RECLAIMING AGE: sags, greys, wisdom, wrinkles, regret, freedom

    $150 for 5 classes


Next Workshops:

Mon, July 22 - Aug 19
Downtown Asheville

Mon, Sept 16-October 14
online series