Reclaim Your Body Image: Body Wisdom Series



five week series

Love your body? Few women do...

While the body is the altar in the temple of life, 89-94% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. The Dalai Lama claims it is western women who will save the world, yet the number one goal of western women is to lose 10-15 pounds. Strong, powerful, successful, shamanic, wise women of every shape, age, and size struggle to love their body. While there are real reasons for this epidemic, it is up to us to change it, and NOW is the time. Because the world's deep hunger desperately needs your great gladness, and body image issues shouldn't stand in the your way. Together, we can learn to unwind from the internalized corset, and reclaim our birthright to be embodied as we live our passions, purpose, and power. So take the radical (and political) act to love your body. Join the conversation today….




Five week series to reclaim your body image & body wisdom:

Week 1 ~ THE FISH BOWL WE LIVE IN: Media, Culture & body image

Week 2 ~ THE INTERNALIZED CORSET: Reclaiming shapes, sizes, parts, linage messages, and herstory.

Week 3 ~ RECLAIMING FOOD: Restricting, binging, cleansing, nourishment, guilt, pleasure.

Week 4 ~ CELEBRATING CYCLES: hormones, changes, overwhelm, irritability, rebellion, ovaries, uteruses, shame, metamorphosis, shamanic journeys, blood, responsibility.

Week 5 ~ THE SECOND WAVE OF AGING: sags, greys, wisdom, wrinkles, regret, freedom.

This is an exploration and uncovering with every participant bringing their important experiences and wisdom.


  • July Series: Monday, July 22 - Aug 19, 6- 9 pm
    Jubilee Community
    46 Wall Street, Asheville

  • Sept Series: Mondays, Sept 16 - Oct 14, 6 - 8 pm

    Online series: Need to have access to a computer and be willing to use Zoom Video Conference Call.

Cost: Pre-registration requested:
Whole series $150
No one turned away for lack of funds.

This series offers us a way to acknowledge and potentially recover the juicy, amazing body and the power that lives within it. At the very least, it gives us an opportunity to see how connected we are as women.

(While this topic encompasses all genders, for the sake of this series we are focusing on women who identify as women and have female-hormone based cycles.)


More info:

In days of old, women used to dress each other. Your sisters would style your hair, adjust your sashes, add jewelry and tell you how radiant you are. Then about 2000 years ago along came the mirror -- considered one of the seven deadly gifts, precisely because it allowed a womyn to stand in isolation in judgement of herself. With the last 200 years of media culture and manufactured clothing, many womxn's view of their amazing brilliance and beauty and worth has become distorted.

While the restrictive corset may have gone out of fashion, many of us still live with an internalized one, obsessing about the perceived flaws of the body, and spending boatloads of energy, time, money and attention trying to change them. This obsession, whether minor or major, robs us of our birth rite: to fully live in this amazing body, to enjoy pleasure of all kinds, to move and eat with delight, and to put our creative energies into our interests, passing fancies and passions.

Imagine if just SOME of the collective attention, time and money we as womyn put into diets, exercise programs, spanx, the newest cleanse, plastic surgery, anti-wrinkle cream, "bikini bodies" and self-help books was freed up? Imagine what we would do!?!

This series is NOT about changing anything! My goodness... that's part of the whole problem to begin with. And it's not about asking you to love the things you hate, that's just another change. We won't ask you to stop dieting, or binging, or dying your hair, or getting plastic surgery. It's simply a space to get together and share our common experience of being in a woman's body in this crazy media culture.

Each week, we'll share what we love, hate, worked hard to change, struggle with, wish were different, feel thrilled about, and places were we have reclaimed our self-acceptance and power.

About Jackie:

You can never tell anything about a person’s insides but looking at their outsides. People have told me I can’t talk about body image because of the way I look….

Yet I spent 17 years battling an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. After thirteen years in recovery, I have gained some hard-won wisdom and have a few tricks to share. I don’t consider myself an expert or even a teacher, but rather a curator of content and facilitator. Because EVERY woman has wisdom inside of her, and EVERY woman has things she has struggled with, things she has learned to accept, and tools for getting there. We come together in this program to share, to teach each other, to step out from isolation, and to recognize the connection and power we have. Loving your body as it is, is a radical act. And we can do it together!

I started talking about and leading workshops on body image in 2015 and now teach locally, online, and hopefully at a studio near you!



You can obtain a full refund up to 5 days prior. After 5 days, you can either transfer to another woman or be refunded half the amount.