Revitilization Reboot

21-days $367

Using practices from “lifestyle medicine” - food, herbs, movement & meditation - this step-by-step program will get you on the road to a healthier and more vibrant you. By deeply nourishing yourself and removing the obstacles to health, your body will reboot and rebalance, finding the energy and joy you know is there. Includes 21-days worth of herbal protocols: choose from calm, vitality, joy, beauty, sexy, or memory.

Dates: May 20

Cost: $367

Expected Results:

  • More vitality, clarity, and focus.

  • Greater self acceptance, allowing, and appreciation.

  • Better sleep and improved mood.

  • Reduced mood swings.

  • Weight loss is NOT the goal, but many people find that when they adopt the habits, their bodies’ change in unexpected ways.

  • A renewed positive relationship with your body and food.

What does it include?

  • Guide for nourishing yourself deeply with real foods while removing endocrine disrupters and mood destabilizers.

  • 21-days worth of herbal products. Choose from one of five regiments: calm, vitality, joy, sexy, beauty, memory

  • Initial 30 minute one-on-one phone consult

  • Daily emails that include tips to support and nourish yourself through the process: include affirmations, mindful practices, self-care techniques and more

  • Online group support.



Body Wisdom TLC Reboot

Delightful Being
Summer BodyWisdom TLC Retreat

January 26-29, with additional option of Jan 25th

Relax and recharge at holistic detox weekend. Nestle in nature at relaxing Bend of Ivy Lodge. Enjoy yoga + wellness + relaxation surrounded by the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.

Renew body and mind in relaxing workshops and lots of spacious open time. What to experience on the land? Scenic nature walks, journal or read lounging by Koi pond, Labyrinth walk, goat watching, trail walking/ running, delicious farm to table meals from adjacent organic farm and more.

Dates: January 26-28. With an option of arriving on the 25th for a day of rest and renewal.

What does it include?

  • Deliciously detoxing whole foods meals (perfect for the new year)!

  • Yoga, relaxation and meditation

  • Time for reflection, nature walks and self-renewal

  • Somatic practices

  • Body work optional

  • Take home steps.




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