Healing through Nourishment:
21-day Vitality Reboot

Starts Sept 16


Waking Women are learning to love their bodies in all of their humanness. To bring our most vibrant self to each day, we are learning to nourish ourselves deeply with real foods, herbal elixirs, deep rest, and ancient wisdom. In this 21-day reboot, you get a step-by-step process to reclaim your health, vitality, joy, and centered self.



21-day Vitality Reboot includes:

• A food program this is not restrictive! Instead, it is simple a guide to healthy habits that removes toxins and endocrine disrupters, which are the main culprits of dis-ease, inflammation, and weight gain.
• A regimen of herbal allies designed for your specific needs. Choose from one of six regimens: Vitality, Calm, Joy, Beauty, Memory, or Sexy.
• Since lasting change only comes from self acceptance and appreciation, receive daily affirmations, mindfulness exercises, and practices to help you allow for your most vibrant self.
• An online community of other women working this program.

Where: Online. You will be emailed documents, daily emails and be a part of an online group.

When: starts Sept 16

Cost: $325 includes a 21-day supply of five herbal supports.


Why Not a Cleanse?

Cleansing was often a spiritual practice, done with lots of support. Today, most people cleanse with a background idea that says either 1) I need to loose weight or 2) my body is somehow dirty or toxic. Neither are true, and I won’t subscribe to that notion.

Your body is amazing. It can heal in a matter of days. It doesn’t need you to deprive it. It needs you to love and nourish it WELL.

Ancient wisdom provides basic principles to help your body find its balance and inherent vitality. The Vitality Reboot isn’t about loosing weight, though that may very well be a side-effect. Instead it is aimed to simply help you FEEL vital and fabulous in your body.


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