Jackie is an inspiring teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you can tell this is her purpose.
— Miriel, New York

Jackie’s series on body image gave me a new relationship with my body as well as food. The wisdom we uncovered together has stayed with me.
— Mary, Asheville

My coaching sessions with Jackie changed my life! In every way. I now have the courage to follow my passions and dreams. I paint in color. I travel abroad. And I’m back in the garden.”
— Sydney, Asheville

“Jackie is not only knowledgeable as a teacher, but fun, deep, and passionate about her subject.
— Mick, Pennsylvania

Jackie is exceptional at creating and maintaining a safe, open, welcoming, and introspective space. Her own openness and vulnerability was a big positive ... Overall, I was very impressed with how she delivered the material and by Jackie as an open, growing, loving, seeking, kind, and thriving women: She rocks. Seriously.
— Kelly, Asheville

Jacke is a Great Facilitator. Lots of knowledge. Kind and compassionate presence
— Joann, Asheville

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia